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July Meeting Info!

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Meeting-related:  July 14 (Wednesday), 6:30 P.M., usual Wethersfield location

[Note: Masks are still required unless seated and eating or drinking. However, there will be no temperature check upon arrival.]


  1. Finds of the Month

   This popular activity is being reinstated, with a great twist for this month only – every category will be awarded both a first and second-place prize (silver dimes)! Eligible finds are from January 1 through the meeting. As usual, only one find per person allowed in each major category – Coin, Token, Jewelry, Relic. The ‘Consolation Prize’ will also have 2 winners – 3 silver dimes each. Thanks to Bill Wright and Mike Stanczyc for redoing the slips for easier reading.

  1. Special Raffle

   For each ‘pleasing’ silver dime you enter, you’ll get a ticket stub;  toward the end of the meeting, one ticket will be dawn, and the winner will get half the ‘pot’, the other half going to support the club in all its ‘awards’ activities. Dime entries will be examined for quality. Consider the cost of silver these days!

   Don’t have any silver dimes? They will be for sale at the meeting for $2 each (a good price)! So bring some cash. A small investment could reap a bounty of silver.

  1. Food

    Jay Mahoney is back in CT, and will once again cooking for us! You may remember his delicious choices in the past. He’s planning a ‘one-pot’ meal, plus dessert. Soda will be available, but if you want coffee please BYO.  

  1. Regular raffles

    We’ll have separate raffles, both the 50/50 (cash award) and the silver coin raffle; chances are $1 apiece, 6 for $5. The latter prize is a silver Morgan dollar…add a second prize (silver half) if attendance is great enough (40 or more). Winners are drawn toward the meeting’s end. Again, bring some cash to the meeting!

  1. Meeting theme

   The evening will be mostly ‘social time’, with perhaps some questions posed that will invite sharing of stories from this COVID-tainted time.  


Near-term events

  1. Augustmeeting is on the 4th (first Wednesday of the month)!

   There was a conflict with the Community Center on the second Wednesday.

Important Notice

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We just rec’d notice today that the Pitkin Center is going to remain closed through June 20, at a minimum.

     This will cancel our regularly scheduled meeting this month that was supposed to be on 6/4.

     While this is not the news we were hoping for, we will look forward to July and the prospect of getting back together at that point.

     The board continues to work at making sure that we have a smooth transition into the next meeting. I hope that everyone is healthy and has been getting out. Happy Hunting!

Breaking News

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Hi all – your Executive Board has unanimously decided:

  1. to cancel the April 8 meeting; the Pitkin Center is closed for at least the month of April. The club will be reimbursed in some fashion for the room rental for that evening.

    2. The 3/28 farm field hunt is postponed indefinitely; besides the guidance/orders from the CDC and the Governor, holding an event with this many people is inadvisable, and might certainly attract unwanted attention. But mainly, there are a number of members who are older and/or are compromised health-wise, making them more vulnerable to the virus.

Those with e-mail should be getting an April Probe from our new Editor! Dave Gooch has stepped forward to take on this important task. Let’s support him in this, his first issue, and those to come. Articles/information of interest can be sent to: Please inform any member you know, of all the above, who don’t have e-mail.

Also, please follow recommended safety precautions re. the virus. Assume that you and everyone else is a carrier. We want to see all your smiling faces when we indeed do get together again! Stay safe.

Dave G.

Meeting Incoming!

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Incoming Meeting! This Wednesday @ the Wethersfield Community Center (Pitkin Center). 6:30PM

Be there for Food, Fun, Beverages, Finds of the Month, Prizes, Raffles, and a speaker! Geez what else could you want for free! 

You should be here!

Christmas Meeting Incoming!

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So exciting! The Annual Christmas Meeting is coming!!!

December 12th @ 6PM ( note the earlier time) @ the William J. Pitkin Community Center in the Ballroom. Come and be merry with your fellow detectorists!

Bring a gift from $10-$20 and be part of the Yankee Swap and a few good laughs!

There will be food and good cheer! If you’d like to help, bring a hot or cold dish (please cook the food before you get here as we have no way of heating up or cooking the food) or a dessert (my personal favorite). Otherwise come and eat!

We will be raffling off the Gold Coin during the party after everyone eats. You’ll be able to buy raffle tickets for the gold coin at this meeting but it won’t last long (I want to enjoy the party too!). Good luck to everyone that bought a ticket.

There will be NO dues renewals at this meeting. If you want to be part of the renewal drawing you’ll need to have paid your dues before the end of year to qualify. If you still need to renew the only way left to renew is to pay your dues online BEFORE the Christmas party!  Click Pay Your Dues at the top right of this web site and if you do before the Christmas party you’ll be eligible for the coin(s) drawing!

We can’t wait to see you!


This Coming Meeting – Auction!!

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The November 14th meeting will feature an auction!

We have approximately 50 items up for auction. From Metal Detectors, to Hip Waders, to Google Homes!

Oh and there will be food, raffles, drinks (non Alcoholic of course) and the finds table! A good time will be had by all.

You won’t want to miss this one! Come join us! 

Board Meeting & Club Meeting

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There is a board meeting September 5th at the usual place Wednesday September 5th.

There is a Club meeting Wednesday September 11th at the Pitkin Center Weathersfield.

What’s the topic of the club meeting? Nothing! It’s socializing time! Come have some fun with your brethren!