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Yankee Territory Coinshooters come from all walks of life.  We are not just metal detector enthusiasts, our members own their own businesses, and have jobs that provide highly sought after skills and services.  On this page our members are allowed to advertise the qualities that make them unique.  This advertising helps pay for our website, thank you all for your support.


 Montage Jewelers

Mortensen Insurance Agency

Minelab Metal Detectors, a brand our club members enjoy and trust.


Michael Russo, owner of Montage Jewelers is a YTC honorary member for 2009.

He specializes in fine diamond jewelry, antique jewelry, and exclusive designs.  He has helped design and craft jewelry for many YTC members as well as spoken at several meetings.

Thank you Michael!

YTC member Bruce Mortensen is also in the Insurance business.  Should you have a need please contact him at the Mortenesen Insurance Agency.
PH 860-667-7799
Email mortenseninsurance@hotmail.com