YTC Club Activities

Monthly Meetings: The club holds a monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of each month. The next meeting date is printed on the front cover of the Probe.Newsletter: The Probe is published every month with articles of interest pertaining to our hobby.
:  Club Members enjoy a highly interactive, personalized website with full access to the “Members Only” section.
Facebook: The club has a private Facebook group that members are provided access to.  It is a great way to stay in touch with members in-between meetings, share your adventures and finds, as well as coordinate meeting up for hunts.

Library: The club library contains numerous books, magazines, newsletters and some video and audiotapes, covering many aspects of metal detecting. The library is available at every regular meeting except December.

Find of the Month: Club members enter their best finds of the past month in various categories to be voted on by fellow members for a prize. The December and January contests are combined in January due to the annual Christmas party.

Coffee break: When the business portion of our meeting is completed, we take a break for coffee or soda and refreshments. This is the time for members to vote for the Find of the Month, buy raffle tickets and chat with one another or get acquainted with guests and new members.

Displays: Members often bring in displays of their various finds to show what they are doing. The club occasionally holds a display contest perhaps with a specific theme.

Membership Drawing: At each monthly meeting a name is drawn from current members to win a silver quarter. That person must be present and show their club badge or membership card. If the first called person is not in attendance, a second and subsequent name is drawn until a silver dime is awarded.

Raffles: The club may hold a raffle at any club function. Silver dollars are a popular item and chances are usually $1.00 each. Occasionally a member may donate an item for the club to raffle, maybe even a metal detector.

50 / 50 Raffle
: At each monthly meeting, a raffle is held for $1.00 a chance. The winner takes home half the proceeds, the other half goes toward the purchase of the evening’s coffee break refreshments.

Treasure Hunts
: The club sponsors hunts at various times throughout the year, for paid up members.  For a fee, entrants get to find as many coins and prize tokens as they can within the allotted time.

: Frequently throughout the year the club sponsors a guest speaker or a club member that discusses a topic of interest to detectorists.

: A four-level contest, similar to a scavenger hunt, is held annually. Each succeeding level is more difficult to attain than the previous, with a prize awarded for each level achieved.

Prestige Album
: The club maintains an album of articles and thank-you notes highlighting the positive aspects of metal detecting.

Christmas party
: A potluck dinner is the feast of the night, the club provides cold cuts, soft drinks, accoutrements, paper goods and utensils. A grab bag gift exchange brings joy to the young at heart.

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