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July Meeting Info!

By July 9, 2021Meetings

Meeting-related:  July 14 (Wednesday), 6:30 P.M., usual Wethersfield location

[Note: Masks are still required unless seated and eating or drinking. However, there will be no temperature check upon arrival.]


  1. Finds of the Month

   This popular activity is being reinstated, with a great twist for this month only – every category will be awarded both a first and second-place prize (silver dimes)! Eligible finds are from January 1 through the meeting. As usual, only one find per person allowed in each major category – Coin, Token, Jewelry, Relic. The ‘Consolation Prize’ will also have 2 winners – 3 silver dimes each. Thanks to Bill Wright and Mike Stanczyc for redoing the slips for easier reading.

  1. Special Raffle

   For each ‘pleasing’ silver dime you enter, you’ll get a ticket stub;  toward the end of the meeting, one ticket will be dawn, and the winner will get half the ‘pot’, the other half going to support the club in all its ‘awards’ activities. Dime entries will be examined for quality. Consider the cost of silver these days!

   Don’t have any silver dimes? They will be for sale at the meeting for $2 each (a good price)! So bring some cash. A small investment could reap a bounty of silver.

  1. Food

    Jay Mahoney is back in CT, and will once again cooking for us! You may remember his delicious choices in the past. He’s planning a ‘one-pot’ meal, plus dessert. Soda will be available, but if you want coffee please BYO.  

  1. Regular raffles

    We’ll have separate raffles, both the 50/50 (cash award) and the silver coin raffle; chances are $1 apiece, 6 for $5. The latter prize is a silver Morgan dollar…add a second prize (silver half) if attendance is great enough (40 or more). Winners are drawn toward the meeting’s end. Again, bring some cash to the meeting!

  1. Meeting theme

   The evening will be mostly ‘social time’, with perhaps some questions posed that will invite sharing of stories from this COVID-tainted time.  


Near-term events

  1. Augustmeeting is on the 4th (first Wednesday of the month)!

   There was a conflict with the Community Center on the second Wednesday.

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