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September 2017

Rocky Neck Beach Fun Hunt

By Metal DetectingNo Comments

A fair turnout for the Rocky Neck Beach Fun Hunt on Sunday. We had 13 members with a few late comers.

The temperature was around 80 degrees when the hunt began at 6pm.

As in the past, the beach was still crowded, but soon started to thin out. Unfortunately, as with our Hammo Hunt, the finds were far and few. Ken G. struck a hot spot when he dug the High coin count with 53, yes 53 coins, a coin spill of 35 coins helped with the total. 2 silver rings were found. We had two scratch winners of $4 each.

A couple members mentioned that if the black flies were quarters we would be rich, they were horrible. For next years hunt at Rocky Neck strong bug spray is advised. Still, everyone said they had a great time and a few members went to Flanders Fish Market after the hunt.

A special thanks to Steve G. for the great tasting cold watermelon again, Thanks Steve!!