Yankee Territory Coinshooters

Hello and welcome friend and fellow detectorist. Yankee Territory Coinshooters is a club formed to enjoy, preserve and protect the hobby of metal detecting. Since January of 1976 our members have been enjoying monthly meetings and other various Club sponsored activities.

Along with the meetings, members also enjoy a monthly newsletter filled with stories, facts and articles of interest as well as access to a private Facebook group to stay in touch with each other in-between meetings.

Lance Kozikowski Rivets YTC Members

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Lance Kozikowski a civil war re-enactment soldier and speaker riveted the YTC crowd at their August meeting.

I was lucky enough to be present for the meeting and the man was exceptional. He stayed in character of a civil war soldier and explained the average day/week/month of a soldier in those times. From the clothing and it’s meaning to the day to day and what war was like during those times.

Below are some pictures (slideshow) I took from the event. Click the article title to see the slide show in greater detail or click the image itself to enlarge.


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June Norcross Webster Scout Camp
231 Ashford Center Road (Rt.44)
Ashford, Ct. 06278

April 22 and 23—9:00 am to 3:00 pm Rain or Shine

Minimum donation of $5.00 per day , which will be donated to the Boy Scouts Ct. Rivers Council.

Registration is MANDATORY: Late arrivals can sign in at the Ranger Station, early departures must sign out at the Ranger Station also. (They WILL send out search parties)

Official Hunt Rules:

  • No detecting prior to Registration of the hunt each day.
  • You MUST be a PAID member of YTC to hunt
  • FILL ALL HOLES-Take the trash, (you can leave silver in the holes but nothing else).
  • If we make a good impression we will be able to visit other Scout Camps so PLEASE follow the Rules and do not ruin this Great Opportunity.
  • NO Alcoholic Beverages, drugs, fire arms, sheath knives, no smoking in the open( take your butts), and no overnight camping.
  • Everyone MUST Check in/out with either the HuntMaster (Jeff Calzarette) or other designated persons or at the Camp Ranger Station.

There are over 1200 acres of woods, trails and it is a rocky area and slippery when damp and wet. Bears have been sited in the camp so be alert. Bring water, a snack/lunch, bug spray, compass or gps, layered clothing, hiking boots, spare batteries, large finds pouch and sturdy digger. There will be buckets for the trash, please use them.

Camp History:

Revolutionary War Hero’s homestead to a Scout Camp.

In 1963, the Eastern Connecticut Council of Boy Scouts of America set out to establish a new scout camp on the land once owned by Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Knowlton in the town of Ashford Connecticut. Thomas Knowlton (1740-1776) was an American patriot who served in the French and Indian War and acted as a Colonel during the American Revolution. Knowlton is considered America’s first intelligence professionals, and his unit, Knowlton’s Rangers, made a significant contribution to intelligence gathering during the Revolutionary War. Knowlton was killed in action at the Battle of Harlem Heights. A monument of Knowlton presently stands on the state capitol grounds in Hartford, Connecticut.

It’s Lyme Time!

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  • Lyme disease is transmitted by the bite of a deer tick (pinhead-sized and smaller).
  • An embedded (infected) tick will transmit the bacteria within 24-48 hours.
  • Crawling ticks will not transmit the disease.
  • Lyme disease is treatable…the earlier the better.
  • Symptoms (may occur from 3-32 days after bite).
  • Fatigue – Muscle/joint pain.
  • Headache -“Bull’s – eye” or atypical rash.
  • Chills/fever – Swollen lymph nodes.


  • Tick habitat – Grass, bushes, woods
  • Clothing – Hat, long-sleeved shirt, long pants tucked into socks, light-colored, so a tick can more easily be spotted. Inspect before going inside.
  • Repellant – Spray only on clothing.
  • Removal – Use clean, fine-pointed tweezers – grasp tick as close to skin as possible, and tug gently; wash site with soap and water, and apply antiseptic.
  • If bitten-note date on calendar, consult physician if symptoms occur.

Lyme Disease Information Hotline: 1-800-876-LYME

Information from Chester Cty. (N.J.) Health Dept. as published in The Eastern Seven News (July, ’99), newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic East Coast Chapter of FMDAC
[Please note: there are now additional diseases that ticks can transmit, none pleasant. Save the tick, which can be analyzed for these diseases.]

Submitted by: Dave G.

YTC Announcments

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1. The March 8th meeting topic is “Best Lifetime Find”. Please bring in displays or special individual items that mean something to you.

2. This is also election month. We are still hoping for someone to come forward for President, Vice President, and ‘Treasurer-in-Training’. This will be Katie’s last year as treasurer.

3. Polar Bear hunt – Minelab came through with some nice prizes…including a GoFind 40 detector!  This tops off a nice list of prizes. Hunt fee is only $10 – see the February Probe for abundant details of the day.

4. The club is still in need of donations for the hunt…especially for the Treasure Chest! Please bring it/them to the March meeting, to myself.

Dave G.


This Months Meeting

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This is our usual topic for this meeting.

Best Finds of the Previous Year (2016). Please bring in a display of one or more items you detected up simple or otherwise. Showing us some finds from 2016 that you are proud of or that tickled your fancy in some way. Give us a few words related to your display…feel free to tell us exactly where you found them (I promise not to take notes).

For your support of this meeting, each participant will be awarded a silver dime.